How To Join

Read this page and then email us at and tell us about yourself and why you want to be on our team!

Our Team Ideology

We want to use our love of endurance athletics to make a difference in the world! Sport can be a very selfish endevour, we want to take it and make it into something that is more than just training, racing, getting fit, and having fun. We want to keep all of the 'fun' and then add charity, giving back, and selflessness on top of that! To join our team, please email us at .

Membership Termination

Termination of team membership may result due to unsportsman like conduct or conduct that is considered to be against the AFC Mission Statement as deemed by the AFC board of directors.


  1. You must volunteer in at least TWO AFC charity events per year, at least one of which must be one of the races that AFC hosts (SugarHill, Road Warrior 50, Patapsco 100, or Rockburn Cross). You can see a list of the events we support on the events page.
  2. You must always show good sportsmanship, especially when representing AFC.
  3. When possible, help promote our sponsors.
  4. When possible, wear the AFC jersey to all your races and team training rides. You can buy one from the inventory page.
  5. If you are a registered USAC athlete, then you need to designate Adventures For the Cure as your team.
AFC welcomes members who may also represent other teams as long as they meet AFC requirements #1 and #2.


  1. You get access to the AFC Team Email list.
  2. You get a chance to race with a team and people with similar interests.
  3. You get access to team training rides/practices
  4. You get numerous discounts/benefits from our sponsors

Sponsors / Partners


Cera Products Inc

MD Physical Therapy

No Film Photography

Jailbreak Brewery

Wicked Wash

HEX Performance

Spin 90




Blue Ocean Ideas

CE Science Logo

Clear Edge IT Solutions, Inc.


Nic Ebright Sports Massage